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Inconsistent Software

Video Game Software Engineer, IGDA San Diego Leader, Open Source Developer, and previously Indie MMO Developer. (he/him)

I write about inconsistent software and how to improve it. I also sometimes write about other interests.

Tagged “programming”

  1. Badger Dungeon

    I made a game for the Badger 2040 called Badger Dungeon.

  2. Color Picker for Unity

    Back in 2014, when the Unity UI was new, I had an idea to make a color picker to use in game using the new UI system. Thus, HSV Color Picker was created. Nearly 9 years later, the library has reached 500+ stars on GitHub! It's wild to me that potentially that many people are using code I wrote in their games.

  3. Well Known Fursona

    I was looking for stuff to put into /.well-known/, so I decided to add Pyrox's Well-Known Fursona for Foxis the Cookie Dragon. I even contributed to the spec!

  4. Foxis Dot Dev

    On a whim I bought another domain,

  5. Jekyll to 11ty: Post Permalinks

    I forgot to mention how I kept the old blog post permalinks when moving from Jekyll in the Hello 11ty blog post.

  6. Hello 11ty

    Goodbye Jekyll, Hello 11ty.

  7. Networking for Dragon Game Framework : Observability

    I’ve been working on Dragon Game Framework (DragonGF), an MMO networking library for a while now. With it being an MMO framework, data observability needs to be good. Time to build a Unity editor window!

  8. Make it Work, Make it Right, Make it Fast

    My favorite development saying and design principle.

    make it work

  9. Using Git with Game Development

    Source control can be daunting but it is pretty important for sharing with others and backing up to prevent data loss. I will cover installing git on a windows environment, using online repositories (repos) and getting a Unity game setup with git.

  10. Getting Started With Game Development

    Hello! I've been doing game development for while now and people have asked how to start. There are many ways to get into game development so here is my advice to learn to program video games.

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