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Well Known Fursona

I was looking for stuff to put into /.well-known/, so I decided to add Pyrox's Well-Known Fursona for Foxis the Cookie Dragon. I even contributed to the spec!

Now that I'm using 11ty for my blog, it's really easy to make files where I want. I generate the well-known file and the characters page with the same javascript character data file. The file is close to the fursona spec format, but has some additional fields I use for emotes.

Check it out at /.well-known/fursona.

Foxis happy

Foxis: Hey, it's me!

Emotes #

Now that I think about it, I didn't describe the data file when I made the character testing post. Each character has general data and a list of emotes for each supported character emotion. The images are stored relative to character, artist, and then emote name.

"emotes": [
"name": "cookie",
"imagePath": "frost/foxis-cookie.png",
"name": "happy",
"imagePath": "frost/foxis-happy.png",

Urls for the images are then generated relatively when specifying the character's name and mood with the charEmote shortcode.

{% charEmote "foxis", "happy", "Hey, it's me!" %}

This should make it easy to add another character at some point. Tears of the Kingdom really delayed this blog post so maybe I'll make a Zonaisona.

Gabriel Simmer made a nice fursona viewer, so go check it out at! You can view mine here

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