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The Return to Comic-Con 2023

After 4 years, I finally went back to Comic-Con and had a great time.

First to get it out of the way. Yes, Covid is not over, even if society is trying to pretend it is. It's so tiring trying to stay careful when no one else seems to care. I wore a mask the whole time I was there.

Returning to Comic-Con was a lot of fun after not going these last few years due to the pandemic. It feels just as big as ever, even with the writer and actor strikes going on. I ended up only going for Saturday and Sunday, but that was just enough time to see what I wanted to see. I totally could have used another day to go to panels and stuff, because there was so much there. But two days felt good for my initial return.

I ended up buying a new messenger bag from Modern Rugged that came with a ton of dice.

Foxis think

Foxis: I may have an addiction to plastic clicky-clackies. They are too fun to roll.

I also picked up some comic books, stickers, and a new dragon lanyard. Here are some images of my new stuff.

Pictures #

A nice leather bag to hold stuff.

A new messenger bag!

A lanyard with dragons on it with a matching pin.

Look at how cute the dragon is.

Cute Dragonite stickers.

Dragonite stickers are for my son and are very cute.

A small dragon with coffee sticker and a dog sticker from a friend.

Foxis happy

Foxis: I love stickers!

A cool looking comic called Beastlands.

Beastlands - Keepers of the Kingdom comic book.

I was able to get a lot of good stuff. It's really hard to not buy dragon merch.

Final Thoughts #

Comic-con was a lot of fun. Although, I think my favorite part of the convention was hanging out with friends afterward. Overall, it was a great time.

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