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Jekyll to 11ty: Post Permalinks

I forgot to mention how I kept the old blog post permalinks when moving from Jekyll in the Hello 11ty blog post.

When moving from Jekyll to 11ty, I did not want my permalinks to break. Luckily, 11ty supports explicit permalinks! As the example, here is the Front Matter header for the markdown file for the Top Games 2022 post.

title: "Top Games 2022"
date: 2023-01-10
- lists
- games
permalink: /lists/2023/01/11/top-games-2022.html


It's so easy. Links don't break and setting the permalink is only required for old posts. Going forward, new posts are going to be under /blog without the .html extension.

Images #

Unfortunately, images did move location. They are no longer under assets but directly under img now. It's a very minor thing, but I think search engines indexed the previous image locations, and are now trying to find them. I set up basic analytics on Netlify which is reporting some missing resources for images on the assets path.

Foxis shrug

Foxis: I can probably move all the images back under assets.

Foxis screm

Foxis: But I don't want to.

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