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Framework Laptop

My previous laptop's battery was dying, so I was looking for a new laptop, and Framework caught my eye. I've never been afraid to take apart and swap out drives in my previous laptops, so I was pretty excited about getting one that was built for repairability.

I've had my Framework 13 for a few months now, and I love it. The newly announced gaming series look nice, but I like how small and thin this thing is. The battery life is good. It wasn't that hard to put together, and being able to pick what connector ports I have on it is so nice. I'm writing this blog post in my Framework!

My framework laptop with 3/4 enough stickers.

Still not enough stickers.

Foxis sad

Foxis: Some stickers I wanted to buy weren't available anymore! The only versions I could find of the There is no Cloud sticker were lower resolutions copies on Redbubble.

Some Downsides #

I had one issue, actually. When I was putting it together for the first time, I thought I plugged the keyboard connector in all the but it came loose. I went to turn it on for the first time and nothing happened. I was afraid it was a dud, but I found the issue when I reopened it. Once I verified the keyboard was connected properly, it booted right up.

Okay, maybe something else thing that bugs me is the screen resolution and aspect ratio being 3:2. It is taller than the usual 16:9, which is nice initially, but games like FF14 have a hard time setting the resolution to it properly without it squashing or stretching. It is a nice screen though, and the taller resolution makes writing this really nice.

I also had to install a firmware update to get the trackpad to work properly. I don't think I can recommend these laptops to my non-techie family as it takes some fiddling.

Final Thoughts #

10/10 would recommend for techies. I don't think I would recommend it to my parents or less techie siblings, but overall it meets my needs and then some.

I love my framework laptop. It can even run Final Fantasy XIV! I ended up getting 2x USB-C ports, an HDMI port, and a USB-A port.

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