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Inconsistent Software

Video Game Software Engineer, IGDA San Diego Leader, Open Source Developer, and previously Indie MMO Developer. (he/him)

I write about inconsistent software and how to improve it. I also sometimes write about other interests.

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  1. Blaugust 2023 Prompt - 5 Facts About Me

    From the Blaugust prompt list, Tell us 5 facts about yourself.

  2. Blaugust 2023 Introduction

    It's bloggin' time! I'm joining Blaugust for the first time to blog all of August!

  3. Hello 11ty

    Goodbye Jekyll, Hello 11ty.

  4. Inconsistent Site Rebrand

    Hello! I'm Judah and I'm rebranding my personal blog to from

  5. Hello World

    Hello! I'm Judah and I'm trying out something new for my blog.

    I do a lot of software development. Lots. I do development for my day job and video game development with Unity3d in the evenings. I'm not sure how much I'll be writing blogs here, but I'll see. I have some ideas.

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