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Blaugust 2023 Staying Motivated

So, this is the Staying Motivated Week for Blaugust.

Blaugust Festival of Blogging 2023 calendar.

I think I was a bit confused about the format, so I'm writing this post at the end of the week.

Foxis think

Foxis: Whoops, I probably should have written something for Creator Appreciation Week

Anyways, what is motivation? It's not something you can really force which is why I use it more as a boost more than anything. Thankfully, my brain is very easy to trick with a little gamification. I've been using Todoist, a task tracking app, for years now, so I can track what I need to do and earn some points to go up in rank. It was a good start to build the habit since nowadays I'm ranked Grand Master with not many ranks left to chase.

Todoist karma progress at 45k points.

Only five thousand more points to rank up!

Usually, I set some goals for each week, whether that's working on a software project, blogging, or something else that's creative. That is usually motivation enough because I have too many project to do and not enough time. And if I don't do it, that's okay.

Ultimately in my mind, it comes down to building the habits for what I want and need to do. Motivation adds that extra something that can lead to building habits. Blaugust is a good example for giving the motivation I needed to blog more. Once the event is over, I definitely won't be blogging as much, but now I'm going to be in the habit to at least blog once a month about things.

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