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Top Webcomics of All Time (2023 Edition)

Following up after top games, I want to share some of my favorite webcomics I've read over the last few years.

The List #

  1. TwoKinds
  2. Freefall
  3. Hunters of Salamanstra
  4. Slightly Damned
  5. Tower of God

Other Webcomics I Like #

  1. Homestuck
  2. Prequel
  3. You Say It First
  4. Strays
  5. Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
  6. Awkward Zombie
  7. Stand Still, Stay Silent
  8. Gunnerkrigg Court
  9. Goblins
  10. Lackadaisy
  11. Darth and Droids
  12. Housepets
  13. Demon Eater

The continuously updated page for the list can be found here at /stuff/topwebcomics

Webcomics #

Around the end of high school is when I found the wonder that is independent web comics. Actually, scratch that, I was reading VG Cats since middle school, but didn't find more until I eventually started reading Homestuck and the other MS Paint Adventure comics. Here are some of my favorites.

TwoKinds #

TwoKinds is my all-time favorite comic. I think I started reading it around 2011 and never stopped. I even tried to make a game based on it but have stopped working on it at the moment.

Freefall #

Freefall has been going on for a long time, and it is great. It has the feel of a Sunday newspaper comic strip but with great characters and story that has been going on for year. It updates fairly regularly which is nice.

Hunters of Salamanstra #

Hunters of Salamanstra is a new comic to me and I like it a lot. The monster hunts are good and there's enough mystery and intrigue about the world to keep you hooked.

Slightly Damned #

Slightly Damned or slightly hecked is a fun story I started to read around the same time as TwoKinds. The main characters escape hell at some point and angels and demons fall in love.

Tower of God #

I started reading Tower of God after the anime aired, and I was hooked. The magic and tech feel pretty unique for a fantasy series. I highly recommend it.

Final Thoughts #

I've read many webcomics over the years, and it's a bit sad that some of them are not around anymore. I'm thankful artists are able to make the stories they want to make, and that I get to read and enjoy them.

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