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Blaugust 2023 Prompt - Getting Into Content Creation

From the Blaugust prompt list, How did you get started in content creation?

How did you get started in content creation? #

First off, I don't remember who said it, but don't call your own creative work "content". You are not a content machine, you are a creative person.

Anyway, I've always been making stuff. I dabbled with writing and drawing when I was young, but I always wanted to make video games.

Making Games #

I started to learn 3d modeling with Blender a long time ago, but the UI was a mess and I couldn't figure it out until the big Blender 2.5 update. Eventually, I learned how to use Milkshape3d to make 3d models. I inevitably joined a rev share project as a 3d modeler to make an MMO, but that went how they usually do.

Foxis happy

Foxis: I'm surprised the Milkshape3d website is still around. Wow!

I learned how to program in C# at the end of High School and learned Unity3d. From there, I went on to make some small games which lead to working on TwoKinds Online for years.

Nowadays, I'm working professionally at a large studio.

YouTube and Twitch #

Alongside making games, I tried some podcasting on YouTube and live-streaming game development on Twitch. I don't remember when I started on Twitch, but I eventually made it to Affiliate after streaming off and on over the years. Streaming was fun, but also tiring, so I eventually stopped.

Final Thoughts #

Even when I was younger, I was making up worlds and settings for simple tabletop games for my brother and I to play. I wrote and drew some comics in middle school and wrote some in-character RP journals on an MMORPG forum. It's fun to make things.

D&D campaign town map from 2011.

D&D campaign town map from 2011.

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