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Blaugust 2023 Prompt - Personal Mascot

From the Blaugust prompt list:

Mascot #

All of these prompts are related to each other, so I will write about them in one blog post. What is a personal mascot other than something you want to represent and identify as yourself? On the internet, we have profile pictures and avatars with bio descriptions. Some people take it further making full character identities like fursonas, and even take it off the internet with real costumes. In my case, I identify as my dragon art, but I don't go full fursuit with it because it is, one, expensive, and two, I don't fully identity with my body in that way. I think that's called Therian when you identify as another species? Anyway, I already have a "mascot" and I recommend making one for yourself too.

It's me, Foxis the Cookie Dragon

It's me, Foxis the Cookie Dragon

The Name #

I went through a few names online. First just my name with a number. Later Tythin which I eventually no longer wanted to use. When I came up with my dragon, he was originally just The Cookie Dragon with no other name. Eventually I settled on Foxis because it's unique and because I like foxes. My alt name is Kite in MMORPGs, taken directly from .HACK.

Furry Community In General #

I've been online for a long time now. I really miss forums. I started reading the webcomic TwoKinds and was active on the forums for a few years, which lead me to the general Furry Fandom. I always liked the talking animals in movies, and it wasn't until later that I realized a lot of people are into it and making their own characters and art.

Foxis tongue

Foxis: Thanks Robin Hood

I feel like I'm part of that broader community, but I mainly interact with a limited number of people on Discord and Social Media. Actually, I like I'm split between the game developer community and the furry fandom.

Final Thoughts #

Make yourself a mascot/fursona. It's a lot more fun to be an animal on the internet than yourself.

Foxis happy

Foxis: Rawr!

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