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Furry Blogging and Identity

I tell myself each year I should write more and this might be the year to do it! I'm inspired by Soatok's post, Something To Always Keep In Mind, to write down my thoughts on what I want my blog to be.

Blogging #

I've always had trouble deciding on my writing voice. I like to write! But I usually feel very self-conscious about it and I never feel like wanting to share it. Now that blogs are on the rise again, I might as well try posting something about once a month. Gabriel's blog is another source of inspiration for wanting to write more. Check out his post about Using RSS. This blog's RSS feed can be found here.

I've been using Jekyll for a while because it was really easy to set up on GitHub pages, but I've since moved my blog over to be hosted by Netlify. I wondered every once in a while if I want to switch to some other system since I'm not really a big Ruby fan, but I haven't looked into it until now. So, I was planning on checking out some other static website generators like Hugo, but I ended up liking 11ty (Eleventy) immediately. So I'm switching now. I think my website will be on 11ty by the time this is published. I don't write linearly, so by the time this is published about 20 things in this post have changed since I wrote this sentence.

Furry Identity #

I mostly consider myself a furry after pondering about it for years. I have a dragon fursona I originally called The Cookie Dragon and eventually gave the name Foxis. I maintain my own image reference website for him using Vue over at

Dragon details

Dragon details.

I'm also not confident expressing myself in my daily life. There's more I can probably write here, but I don't show much furriness IRL.

Do I want to inline character dialog? I'm not sure. I already write in my own voice. I think of my dragon as a part of me but not something with its own voice separate from me. Plus, I don't think I want to mess with templates and CSS to get a whole character dialog system working. I do like using emotes, so I might figure out something with that. 😁🐲

Here's a Character Sample #


Foxis: Rwarr!!

I'm inspired by how Xe does it on their Blog with all the characters in posts but also a crazy amount of engineering to make it look good. I guess I'm going to build something like it because I can't help myself.


Foxis: Actually, I really like books with footnotes containing additional details or lore. These could be useful for tangents and segues. I mean, rarr.

Okay, maybe I can make this work.

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